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GUI Kit: Prototyping for OS X Yosemite with Tumult Hype

If you’re a UI designer wondering how your app design will fit into Apple’s new operating system arriving this fall, we’ve got a treat for you: A retina-friendly Yosemite GUI kit to mockup your app. Recently, we recreated the new Android L interface, so today let’s talk about desktop! Reproducing Yosemite’s UI from Scratch It’s easy to mockup […]

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New Video Tutorials

We’re releasing eight new tutorial videos today to help you use Tumult Hype to the fullest. Learn how to embed your Tumult Hype document in WordPress, test your document in Windows, build a solar system, and more! For more videos, check out our tutorial page & our Youtube Channel. Have suggestions for more videos? Get in touch. Creating […]

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Android L UI Prototyping with Tumult Hype

    In this post, I’ll show how you can easily create user interface prototypes with Tumult Hype. As a fun exercise, I’ll bring the new Android L design prototype to life. Creating quick mockups with animations, transitions, and real content should be a pleasant experience, and it is with this basic workflow in Tumult Hype: Create elements and drag images […]

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Tutorial: Create Parallax effects and single-page scrollable experiences in Tumult Hype

Our good friends at Survey Legend have shared a great tutorial with us on creating a single-page website built for navigating by scrolling. If you’d like a quick demo on how this works, visit their website where they’ve created a single scene document using this process. This technique is a great way to build what appears to […]

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Creating Interactive Educational Content

Tumult Hype animations are great for demonstrating difficult concepts and organizing information. From small interactive quizzes embedded in a course webpage to complex animations in textbooks, the possibilities are nearly endless. In this post, I’ll cover techniques for getting the most out of Tumult Hype within an educational setting by answering these questions: What’s possible with Tumult […]

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Watch “Up and Running with Hype,” a Lynda course by Jake Ströh

If you’re hoping to get a complete education in Tumult Hype, look no further than ‘Up and Running with Hype‘ by Jake Ströh, now available on Lynda. Topics include: Creating your first Hype animation Understanding the main timeline Animating with keyframes Modifying keyframes and retiming Working with the Capo tool Reusing animations Masking and cropping […]

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Mobile Prototyping for iOS in Tumult Hype

Tumult Hype 2 is a powerful tool for rapid prototyping. This post lays out techniques for preparing a template, working with assets, and previewing your designs on a real device as you work using Hype Reflect. With these tips, you’ll quickly get your prototype as close to the real deal as possible. For an example of […]

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Hangout with Hype: Face to Face tutorials on Google+

Our first (live) tutorial session is complete. You can check the different  points in the video by opening the description of the video in Youtube here and clicking different times. Or, jump directly to a demonstration of relative keyframes, a slideshow example that uses relative keyframes and a demonstration of uploading a Tumult Hype document to […]

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Tutorial Walkthroughs: Explore new techniques within Tumult Hype

Today I’m pleased to release a set of tutorials built in Tumult Hype. They are hands on documents with tricks and techniques for animations, elements, timelines, and easing. Download these tutorials here. Please note that you’ll need a copy of Tumult Hype to open these documents (we have a 14 day trial available). First-person Learning My […]

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Pixels vs. Bandwidth: Tumult Hype documents and Retina displays (iPhones, iPads, and the Retina Macbook Pro)

Note: This article was written when the new iPads with retina screens emerged onto the scene. It has been updated to reflect Tumult Hype 2.5’s new retina image support. Here are a few tips for producing high resolution Tumult Hype documents: Use High Resolution Images Tumult Hype 2.5 supports retina images, which means that you can […]

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