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Video: Supercharge Your Digital Magazines with InDesign + Hype + in5

Update: The webinar replay can be watched here from the event on April 7th, 2021. This webinar, hosted by our friends at Ajar Productions (creators of the popular in5 plugin for InDesign), is geared towards interactive publishers who want to take their digital books to the next level. It covers embedding content in InDesign, exporting […]

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Learning Tumult Hype: 15 Lessons to Kickstart your Creative Journey

This guide, created by animation and interaction design veterans Daniel Connerth & Simon Widjaja, demonstrates hundreds of Hype features in a natural progression to introduce you to Tumult Hype’s animation, interaction, typography, and vector features. The PDF & Epub guide includes 15 downloadable Hype files so you can follow along within Hype. If you don’t have […]

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Preview all your responsive layouts at once with Hype’s new Polypane integration

Tumult Hype now previews directly to Polypane, a browser built with a huge suite of tools for developing and testing responsive web designs. Polypane will appear in the Preview dropdown if you have it installed: … and Polypane will load each layout at once: Here’s a quick video showing the tool in action: Tumult Hype […]

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DesignLab video shows top reasons for using Tumult Hype

Our friends over at the DesignLab YouTube channel just posted a video showing excellent points about why to use Hype:

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Advanced Timing Functions and Easing for Web Animations with Tumult Hype

Animation can roughly be defined as showing successive images or frames to give the illusion of smooth changes. Instead of producing every frame by hand, modern web animation tools like Tumult Hype let an animator create keyframes (generally start and stop points) and the computer dynamically fills in all the inbetween frames. How the computer […]

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Visual Ad Creation Workflow with Tumult Hype

The goal of this article is to show how to create a rich media advertisement with Tumult Hype. It covers the basics of using the app in the context of building an ad and discusses ad-specific tips and tricks. By the end of reading you’ll be able to make HTML5 ads quickly and beautifully! The […]

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Easy Embedding HTML5 Animations in WordPress with the official Hype Animations Plugin

In this post, I’d like to introduce a new WordPress plugin for embedding interactive and animated content in WordPress: Tumult Hype Animations for WordPress. For a quick walkthrough of how to use this plugin, watch this video. If you’re not familiar, Tumult Hype is a powerful tool for building advanced interactive and animated content that works […]

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Visualizing Live Data in Tumult Hype

This post is a complement to Getting Started with Infographics in Tumult Hype and shows off a few methods to work with live numbers, text, and data pulled at regular intervals for use in your visualizations. There are three examples, and sometimes a ‘wall of code’ but I promise these techniques will come in handy if you want […]

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Getting Started with Infographics in Tumult Hype

In this post, I’m going to share some tips on creating infographics & data visualizations in Tumult Hype and show off a few amazing examples. Who am I? I’m Tumult’s support director, and it’s my mission to help journalists, design agencies, digital book designers, and museums make the most of what Hype can do. So what […]

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Flash Transition Guide

Welcome to Tumult’s Flash transition guide. We produced this guide to help those familiar with Adobe Flash get started with the best HTML5 production tool: Tumult Hype Professional. Tumult Hype produces high performance HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. If you’re familiar with other timeline-based animation tools like After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or Motion, you’ll feel […]

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