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‘Everything’ popup book microsite

Everything is a popup book created at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) by Natasha Dzurny. Explore evolution from nothing to infinite imagination. Discover how it was made on Natasha’s blog, and check a demo of the book below produced with Tumult Hype:

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Notes from an Infographic Craftsman: Interview with Konstantinos Antonopoulos

We’re fans of data visualizations and infographics at Tumult, so we’re naturally thrilled when we see Tumult Hype being used by news organizations like Reuters and the LA Times. We last explored infographics here with Bart De Neve’s infographics for De Standaard. To continue the conversation, I (virtually) sat down with one of our favorite Tumult Hype […]

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The Future Brought to You by NASA | Technology Infographic

NASA’s amazing contributions to our knowledge of rockets and space travel are just a small part of what they do. Decades of research have pushed materials science, health, information technology, and many unexpected fields to new frontiers. NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist commissioned an interactive poster to present the 14(!) technology areas central to […]

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“Liv and Ingmar” – documentary film site

Inge Trondsen of Studio Design (Norway) just launched a site for the film Liv and Ingmar which he built with Tumult Hype. The film explores the tumultuous love between Liv and Ingmar Bergman (one of my favorite film directors). I asked Inge what he likes about using Tumult Hype: As a designer, I love Tumult […]

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Jack’s Secret Monster: A ‘choose your own adventure’ for the iPad

Could you build an entire interactive storybook with Tumult Hype? Certainly. “Jack’s Secret Monster” just hit the app store, and its designer at Game Digits has told us he relied on Tumult Hype to develop the interaction. Here are a few of the book’s features: Multiple story paths Interactive characters and scenes Narration Bookmarking progress through […]

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Wonders of World Heritage

Wonders of World Heritage: UNESCO sites to explore in Germany

The ‘Wonder of World Heritage’ site explores the many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany with an interactive map, videos, and tips for travelling through the country. Built in Tumult Hype. ☛ View this project

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Interactive Crime Memorabilia: Original Documents from Capote’s “In Cold Blood” presented in Tumult Hype

Truman Capote published the non-fiction crime novel ‘In Cold Blood‘ in 1966, following six years of interviews and thousands of pages of notes. Capote’s access to local detectives made the story one of the greatest crime novels ever written. The signed first edition books and personal letters sent by Capote to the lead detective, Harold […]

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Interactive Museum Displays: The Sound of Sax in The Museum of Making Music

It’s exciting to see Tumult Hype projects in unexpected places. Today we’re happy to share an interactive iPad kiosk in the Museum of Making Music’s ‘Sound of Sax‘ exhibit. If you’re near Carlsbad, CA, check it out! B.J. Morgan, who created the setup, writes: We used Kiosk Pro Plus which features the ability to automatically display […]

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Artists and Tumult Hype: J Harley Gilmore’s Interactive Musical Minisite

It’s exciting to see photographers, architects, fine artists, and musicians (see below) create beautiful and interactive sites for themselves in Tumult Hype. Seeing so many creative people make use of Tumult Hype as an expressive tool makes us extremely happy. Today we’d like to spotlight a site Jimmy Gilmore created to showcase his drumming career. Jimmy writes that […]

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Create quality infographics by exploring original Tumult Hype project files

Every day we discover new projects, sites, and animations created with Tumult Hype on Twitter, in our Forums, and from your emails. Bart de Neve, a graphic journalist for the Belgian newspaper de Standaard, was kind enough to share with us a few of his recent infographics created in Hype: “How far can you drive with […]

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