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Advanced Timing Functions and Easing for Web Animations with Tumult Hype

Animation can roughly be defined as showing successive images or frames to give the illusion of smooth changes. Instead of producing every frame by hand, modern web animation tools like Tumult Hype let an animator create keyframes (generally start and stop points) and the computer dynamically fills in all the inbetween frames. How the computer […]

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Visual Ad Creation Workflow with Tumult Hype

The goal of this article is to show how to create a rich media advertisement with Tumult Hype. It covers the basics of using the app in the context of building an ad and discusses ad-specific tips and tricks. By the end of reading you’ll be able to make HTML5 ads quickly and beautifully! The […]

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Tumult Hype 3.6.2 Update Released

We just released Tumult Hype version 3.6.2! This update fixes several critical bugs and it is recommended that everyone update immediately. Note: Specifically a bug has been fixed where sound using Hype’s built-in audio feature will not play on the newly released iOS 10.3. To work, you must re-export your document with Tumult Hype 3.6.2. […]

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Tumult Hype on the Setapp Store

Setapp is a brand new store from MacPaw that provides access to top notch macOS applications for a single fixed monthly fee. It’s like Spotify or Netflix for apps. They’ve just released an invite-only beta to the service. Right now there’s nearly 50 apps available, and Tumult Hype Professional is one of them. We’re joining […]

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Tumult Hype 3.5

Happy Fifth Birthday, Tumult Hype!

It’s hard to believe that Tumult Hype has been officially released for five years. Prior to development, I was skeptical HTML animations could be fluid on the iPhone. My first test for feasibility was simply dragging an element underneath the mouse and inspecting the frame rate! Luckily the test proved positively that HTML5 could and should […]

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Introducing Tumult Hype Edition

We’re pleased to introduce the latest member of the award-winning HTML5 animation builder family: Tumult Hype Edition! Tumult Hype Edition features a uniquely elegant expression of Tumult Hype. It has a window frame crafted from 18-karat gold that our metallurgists have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The scene editor […]

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Flappy Bird and 2048

Introducing a big leap forward: Tumult Hype for HTML6

We’re pleased to announce the next generation version of Tumult Hype! With the mission to always be on the bleeding edge of web technology, we’re transforming the best tool for creating HTML5 animations into the only tool in the world for producing HTML6 content. HTML6 is an exciting new platform for creating more interactive web […]

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HTML6 Hype Icon

Tumult Hype 2.5.2 Update Available

Tumult Hype 2.5.2 has been released! This update contains an export option for looping animated GIFs and bug fixes. It is recommended everyone upgrade. Here’s what’s new: Play once option for Animated GIF exports (no looping) Improved proportial scaling behavior Localization tweaks Many other bug fixes View entire version history. Tumult Hype 2.5.2 is a […]

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Tumult Hype 2.0.2 Update Released

We just released Tumult Hype version 2.0.2! This version contains a number of useful bug fixes and is recommended that everyone upgrade. Of note, this version resolves a critical issue where audio would not play in the newly released Firefox 25 and in some cases could halt animations. Please export and re-publish any documents which […]

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Tumult Hype 2.0.1 Update Released

We just released Tumult Hype version 2.0.1! This version contains a number of useful bug fixes and is recommended that everyone upgrade. Read the full release notes for Tumult Hype 2.0.1. If you purchased Tumult Hype 2 through the Mac App Store, you can install the latest update by following these steps: Open the App […]

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