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Daniel is Tumult's support lead. He enjoys empowering animators around the world to create smooth animations for every browser, device, and server.

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“A Book About Hype” by Michael Garofalo: New Digital Edition

Since the release of the physical edition of A Book About Hype last May, we’ve been spreading the word about this comprehensive and helpful guide written by Michael Garofalo. This week, Michael announced a new digital edition of the book built with Hype(!) that ships with dozens of helpful Hype templates, an ePub version, and […]

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Video: Supercharge Your Digital Magazines with InDesign + Hype + in5

Update: The webinar replay can be watched here from the event on April 7th, 2021. This webinar, hosted by our friends at Ajar Productions (creators of the popular in5 plugin for InDesign), is geared towards interactive publishers who want to take their digital books to the next level. It covers embedding content in InDesign, exporting […]

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Creating Technical Medical Illustrations at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

We sat down virtually with Ali Ennis, a medical illustrator in Educational Resources at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine to chat about some complex and interactive Hype animations they shared with us. The work they do is extremely high fidelity, interactive, and filled with information: Ali’s team creates interactive animations to augment […]

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Discounts on Tumult Hype and Whisk: Black Friday through Cyber Monday

We’re happy to share a limited time discount on all our apps. Use the links below to get our apps at 30% off! Grab a discount for: Tumult Hype 4 Professional  Tumult Hype 4 Standard  Tumult Whisk 2  Or use the code CYBERHYPERMONDAY on the Tumult Store Tumult Hype has been updated to support the new […]

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Learning Tumult Hype: 15 Lessons to Kickstart your Creative Journey

This guide, created by animation and interaction design veterans Daniel Connerth & Simon Widjaja, demonstrates hundreds of Hype features in a natural progression to introduce you to Tumult Hype’s animation, interaction, typography, and vector features. The PDF & Epub guide includes 15 downloadable Hype files so you can follow along within Hype. If you don’t have […]

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Bringing Infant Vision Testing to the Modern Age in Hype with Iain Livingstone

When unique and interesting projects built with Hype come across our desk at Tumult, we like to reach out and learn more about the individuals and the stories behind the work. The project featured below pioneers a new medical examination technique. We’re happy to introduce a project created by Iain Livingston, an ophthalmologist and researcher […]

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Transition from iBooks Author & Supporting Embedding HTML5 Animations in Digital Books

At Tumult, we’ve supported digital book creators for years. In 2012 we built in support for embedding Hype content in the new iBooks Author tool created by Apple. This empowered storytellers to embed rich HTML content and animations in their books and distribute them globally. While Hype animators don’t always tell us what they’re working […]

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Preview all your responsive layouts at once with Hype’s new Polypane integration

Tumult Hype now previews directly to Polypane, a browser built with a huge suite of tools for developing and testing responsive web designs. Polypane will appear in the Preview dropdown if you have it installed: … and Polypane will load each layout at once: Here’s a quick video showing the tool in action: Tumult Hype […]

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Grab “A Book About Hype” by Michael Garofalo

 A Book About Hype is a thorough and easy to read guide to Tumult Hype, and takes you through all of Hype’s features. Whether you’re just getting started in Hype or an advanced JavaScript programmer adding Hype to your workflow, you’ll need this on your desk.  (Update June 2021: Digital Edition now available). Visit Michael’s […]

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HTML5 Generation Gives Eulogy to Flash

The year 2020 marks the end of an era for Flash. The story of Flash began about 25 years ago as a way to display vector animations on the early web. It grew to become a global platform installed on millions of devices for animation and rich content. At Tumult, we raise our glasses to […]

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