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Tumult Hype 4.1.18 Update Now Available

Tumult Hype 4.1.18 is an important bugfix update addressing compatibility with the macOS 14.4 Sonoma update. We recommend everyone upgrade immediately.

What’s new in Tumult Hype 4.1.15 – 4.1.18:

  • Sonoma: Fixed a macOS 14.4 issue where elements may not show changes or render
  • Letter and word spacing animations will be smoother
  • Fixed issue where exiting a symbol may not apply changes from inspector text fields still being edited

Read the complete 4.1.18 change list here.

Tumult Hype 4.1.18 is a free update if you purchased a previous v4 version (Standard or Professional editions). Upgrade discounts are available for previous v1-v3 versions and you can read about what’s new in Tumult Hype 4.1.

v4.x.x -> v4.1.18 Upgrade Instructions:

How to upgrade the Mac App Store version:

  1. Open the App Store by choosing the Apple > App Store… menu item
  2. Make sure you are signed in via the Store menu
  3. Click on your account on the bottom-left of the App Store window (or the Purchases tab on top if on macOS prior to 10.14)
  4. If you have not already automatically upgraded, press Command-R to refresh and then click the Update button located next to Hype

How to upgrade the Tumult Store direct-download version:

  1. Open the Hype 4 application
  2. Choose the Hype > Check for Updates… menu item (if not automatically prompted to update)
  3. Install the update and relaunch