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New Hosting Option: Tiiny Host

We’ve just discovered a new place to quickly host your Tumult Hype animations. It’s called https://tiiny.host, and makes uploading your Hype exports to the web super easy. Get your animations on tiiny.host by just dragging over a zip file:

  1. Select File > Export as HTML5 > Folder
  2. Select your exported .html document and .hyperesources folder, right click, and select compress to add it to a zip file
  3. Upload your zip file to tiiny.host.
  4. Once uploaded you can choose your custom domain name, or use the built in tiiny.host domain.

Here’s how it works:

This will generate a unique HTML page (or custom domain, if you’d like). The service is hosted on Amazon’s CDN, is free to try for a week, but is $10/month for 5 sites.

For additional exporting guides, visit this page.