Introducing Tumult Whisk v2.5 with Apple Silicon and Big Sur compatibility

Tumult Whisk 2.5 is a compatibility and feature update to the lightweight HTML and PHP editor with a live preview. It has been supercharged with the latest macOS tech advancements.

Whisk 2.5 in the macOS 11 Big Sur Dock

What’s new in Tumult Whisk 2.5:

  • Built for Apple Silicon: Tumult Whisk is built as a Universal application that will run natively on Apple Silicon and older Intel-based Macs. Using one of Apple’s new “M1”-based Macs will make your edits snappier. Read more about Whisk’s long and fruitful lifespan on Mac OS.
  • Compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur: A new icon, improved color scheme, and many UI tweaks make Tumult Whisk a natural citizen of the newest version of macOS. Don’t worry if you’re not ready to upgrade your system; it still runs great on OS X 10.11 Yosemite and later (10.12+ for the Mac App Store version).
  • Source Editor Refinements: Command-slash will toggle line comments, tabbing on a multi-line selection will indent, and there’s a new preference to set the tab width.
  • Localization: The app has been translated into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Other Enhancements: there is color swatch opacity, zooming improvements, a save toolbar button, bug fixes, and UI tweaks

Read the complete 2.5.0 change list here.

Tumult Whisk 2.5.0 is a free update if you purchased a previous v2 version. Upgrade discounts are available for previous HyperEdit v1 owners and you can read about what’s new in Tumult Whisk 2.5.

v2.5.0 Upgrade Instructions:

How to upgrade the Mac App Store version:

  1. Open the App Store by choosing the Apple > App Store… menu item
  2. Make sure you are signed in via the Store menu
  3. Click on your account on the bottom-left of the App Store window (or the Purchases tab on top if on macOS prior to 10.14)
  4. If you have not already automatically upgraded, press Command-R to refresh and then click the Update button located next to Whisk

How to upgrade the Tumult Store direct-download version:

  1. Open the Whisk 2 application
  2. Choose the Whisk > Check for Updates… menu item (if not automatically prompted to update)
  3. Install the update and relaunch