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Hype Reflect 2.3.0 is now available

Hype Reflect is the best way to quickly test your Tumult Hype or Whisk documents on an iOS device. Today’s v2.3.0 update improves compatibility with the latest versions of iOS software and hardware. It also fixes a few long-standing bugs.

What’s new in Hype Reflect 2.3.0:

  • New app icon which better matches Hype’s Big Sur icon
  • Improved compatibility with iOS 13-14 and new iOS devices
  • Fixed bug where a 100% width/height document would be incorrectly larger than the viewport
  • Fixed bug where the background of the preview could sometimes show as transparent
  • Clicking elements with ‘Open link in new window’ will open in Mobile Safari
  • Running a Compose Email action will open the mailto: link in your Mail client
  • Fixed issue where changing responsive design sizes would incorrectly zoom/scroll
  • Fixed console not being readable when iOS device is in Dark Theme but Hype is not
  • Fixed issue where console logging a non-string would result in a DOM exception
  • Better support and documentation for previewing from Tumult Whisk

Hype Reflect is available for free to Hype and Whisk users.


For more information, visit the Hype Reflect page or download it directly from the App Store.