Tumult Hype 4.0.5 Update Now Available

Tumult Hype 4.0.5 is a bugfix update to the HTML5 animation builder for macOS. It addresses over 30 different issues and we recommend everyone update immediately.

What’s new in Tumult Hype 4.0.5:

  • Fixed bug with control element position scrolling the page on iPad with iOS 13
  • Fixed an issue where external edits might not get picked up (commonly in Photoshop)
  • Fix Scaling a Vector Shape resulting in the wrong size
  • Fixed issue where a “None” JavaScript would run the previous JavaScript in the action handler list
  • Fixed issue where Text Selection can’t be turned back on after unchecking
  • Polypane app preview integration
  • Fix Xcode 11.0-11.3 crashing if a project has a .hyperesources folder
  • Fix case where documents on Android would never load if there was only one .ogg audio source set to preload
  • Fixed issue with parent element click/up actions being called when a child click triggers a scene jump on mobile because touch end is always called
  • Fixed a bug where Persistent Symbols were reset on going back to a scene via page turn
  • Browser preview menu will now show multiple copies with the disk location if the name/version is identical
  • “Fixed” build issue where Hype was able to run on macOS 10.8 and 10.9 despite minimum requirement set to 10.10
  • Various fixes to purchase and trial flow for Mac App Store and Tumult Store versions
  • Fixed common crashes
  • Many other bug fixes

Read the complete 4.0.5 change list here.

Tumult Hype 4.0.5 is a free update if you purchased a previous v4 version (Standard or Professional editions). Upgrade discounts are availble for previous v1-v3 versions and you can read about what’s new in Tumult Hype 4.0.

v4.0.x -> v4.0.5 Upgrade Instructions:

How to upgrade the Mac App Store version:

  1. Open the App Store by choosing the Apple > App Store… menu item
  2. Make sure you are signed in via the Store menu
  3. Click on your account on the bottom-left of the App Store window (or the Purchases tab on top if on macOS prior to 10.14)
  4. If you have not already automatically upgraded, press Command-R to refresh and then click the Update button located next to Hype

How to upgrade the Tumult Store direct-download version:

  1. Open the Hype 4 application
  2. Choose the Hype > Check for Updates… menu item (if not automatically prompted to update)
  3. Install the update and relaunch