A message about COVID-19

In this time of global health and economic crisis it is important to support each other. Tumult is initiating the following programs:

1. A 25% Discount on Tumult Hype v4 for New Customers

We realize there may be financial hardships or a loss of client work due to COVID-19. We are temporarily reducing the price of Tumult Hype to help offset risks associated with purchasing software. Any new customers are eligible for a 25% discount. Please use these links to purchase:

Purchasing via those links will generate a serial number to be used with the direct download version of Hype. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this through the Mac App Store. It can be applied to multi-user licenses for teams/businesses, but cannot be combined other discounts such as coupons or the v3->v4 upgrade discount.

2. Assistance for Education

Instead of learning in class, many students are now taking online courses. Schools may have previously purchased Tumult Hype for labs which are currently unoccupied — students may not have access to the software they need. We want to ensure that students can continue their education with Tumult Hype, even when remote.

Because courses, hardware deployment, software management, and needs tend to be very different from school to school, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you are an educator that has purchased a multi-user Tumult Hype license for your class, please contact us at covid19@tumult.com and we can get you setup quickly so your remote students can continue using Tumult Hype. Please note that Tumult Hype is only compatible with macOS.

3. Request for Infographics

Tumult Hype’s animation and interactive capabilities make it an ideal authoring tool for educational content about COVID-19. If you have created infographics or other related content, we would like to see, collect, and potentially share your work. You can share via:

We wish everyone health and safety in the face of COVID-19. (As a side note: being creative and using Hype can be a great relief outlet for those sheltered indoors!) If there is any other related assistance you need, please do not hesitate to contact our covid19@tumult.com email. We can get through this together.