New for Hype 4.0: Our Official CDN in 750 cities near you

Tumult Hype 3.6 introduced an External Runtime URL option, so you could load the Hype runtime for all your documents from a single source. With the launch of Tumult Hype 4.0, we’re announcing an official & speedy Hype library CDN, leveraging the jsDelivr network. The Hype CDN will be most beneficial to our users working on advertisements & high-demand production environments.

The content delivery network (CDN) jsDelivr mirrors our official Github repository and will be updated automatically after each new release. jsDelivr load balances requests across multiple CDNs, so your users are guaranteed low pings, https support, and fast speeds. The runtime is delivered to your browser compressed over HTTPS, so what would normally be a 53 KB payload is only 23KB (40% fewer bytes).

To use the official Hype runtime, just select ‘Official CDN’ in the Advanced Export option in Tumult Hype Pro, or use

Why would you want to use this CDN? 

  • If the person viewing your Hype animation visited and viewed a Hype document which used this CDN in the past year, and your Hype animation is hosted on, they won’t need to download the Hype runtime at all — it is already cached by their browser.
  • If you ever want to keep the deliverable part of your Hype document as low as possible. If you use this CDN and create your Hype document with only vector shapes and Hype-created shapes, you can share your entire Hype document in a single .html file.

When wouldn’t you want to use this CDN? 

Avoid using this CDN for offline kiosks, internal LAN-based documents, or anything where access to the outside Internet has been restricted.

Can I create my own CDN? 

Absolutely. Just clone this repository. You’ll need to pull changes after each Hype release.

How do I export with this CDN? 

Select these options in the Advanced Export Panel: