Tumult Hype 4 with Vector Shapes now available

We’re excited to release the latest version of our award-winning HTML5 animation builder for macOS, Tumult Hype 4.0! Since our first release 8 years ago, users have consistently requested one feature above all others: shapes. Today, we are…

Introducing Animated Vector Shapes

Vector shapes were once a key part of the Flash-era web. They allowed designers to create compelling animations with scalable graphics and small file sizes. Since the end of Flash there have been no proper visual tool replacements for today’s modern HTML5 web, until now.

  • Vector Shapes: Polygon, Path, and Pencil tools with Shape Morphing
  • Sprite Sheet/Image Sequence import [pro]
  • Page Turn transition for smooth scene swiping
  • Skew transform
  • Drop and Inset shadows
  • External editor support for resources/javascript/head html [pro]
  • Ad Fallback Images [pro]
  • Official CDN to host runtime files [pro]
  • JavaScript math equation timing functions [pro]
  • Custom HTML attributes (like data-*) [pro]

There are over 30 new features total, as well as other bug fixes, UI tweaks, and enhancements. We recommend everyone upgrade.

Please check out the What’s New Page here for more information.

Download and Purchase

A 14-day fully functional trial is available for download.

For new users, Hype Standard ($49.99) and Hype Professional ($99.99 full) are available on the Tumult Store and Mac App Store. Hype Professional can be later upgraded via In-App Purchase to unlock powerful additional features.

Existing Users Update to Hype 4.0

Tumult Hype 4.0 is a paid upgrade. Upgrade discounts are available for owners of Hype 1.x – 3.x when performed within the app and using the same store as your original purchase.

If you use a registered Tumult Store version, you can choose the Hype > Check for Updates… menu to install 4.0. With the Mac App Store, Hype 4 is a separate/new application that must first be downloaded here. Typically the upgrade discount will be automatically presented on Hype 4’s purchase screen.

We have assembled detailed upgrade instructions and updated the purchasing FAQ to help with the upgrade process. Thank you for your continued support of Hype!

[button link=”https://tumult.com/hype/support/upgrade-discounts/” bg_color=”#3088ff”]Get Upgrade Discount[/button]

With each new version of Hype we notice more creative, detailed, and elaborate creations from users. As always, please share your animations with us or fellow users in the forums. We’re looking forward to seeing what you make with Hype 4.0!
Thank you,
Team Tumult