Vector Animation Contest Winners

Over the past few months, we’ve loved seeing all the creative animations built by our beta-testing team. Hype 4 is shaping up to be a game-changing release for vector animation, and we’re lucky to have such a talented group of designers, developers, and motion graphic animators putting the in-development features to the test.

After encountering the ten-thousandth amazing animation shared on our beta forums, we decided it was time to put some of these incredible works in the spotlight. Through an animation contest, we called on our team of beta testers to show us what they could build with the new vector tools. After reviewing each and every entry, we’d like to thank all the animators who submitted animations—clearly, you all put a great deal of work into this contest, and you created some stunning artwork in the process.

Below are the winning animations, as selected by our judges. Together, we think these creations showcase all that’s possible in the new Hype 4. We’re very honored to have the best beta testers in the biz, and are so excited to show you what they’ve created:

Sebastien Aubry won gold with his submissions:



Cardiac Cycle by Sebastien Aubry


9 months by Sebastien Aubry


Jellyfish by Sebastien Aubry


Next up for silverWaves and Echoes by Max Ziebell:


And finally, Medusa, by Michelangelo Agostinetto, won bronze

Screenshot 2018-11-15 at 10.49.21 AM.png

And an incredible 3D creation & honorable mention by David Duncan called Morning Coffee.


Honorable Mention to Stefan Palta for his Halloween Creation:



Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted to the contest!

Please note that you can download these examples from the Gallery page on our site.