Notes from the 2017 Hype Conference and the iBooks Author Conference

The Hype Conference in Nashville, TN is the second year of the gathering produced by Score Publishing and Bradley Metrock. Below are some videos from the day and also an overview of the presentations at the iBooks Conference.


We kicked off the Hype Conference with Shirley Yang’s presentation of her work in instructional design at UPenn’s school of dentistry. Shirley and her team of instructional designers transform hard-to-read static charts and diagrams into interactive Hype animations to improve teaching outcomes.

Darren Pearson discussing game development in Tumult Hype & JavaScript

If you’ve spent any time on our forums, you may recognize Darren Pearson from his excellent contributions. He’s shared a number of retro and quiz-like trivia games. In his talk, he took us through how he approaches teaching JavaScript and logic within Tumult Hype to produce a trivia game. If you’re curious how Tumult Hype might be taught in the classroom, or how text input, timers, and points can be counted in an interactive quiz-like game, check out Darren’s presentation:

Next we had a great discussion with Dale Rogers who lead a discussion on Tumult Hype in the classroom. We discussed teaching animation to programmers, programming to animators, and what a student with design experience should expect from a course in Tumult Hype.

Next up, Liz Slocum shared her journey as an entrepreneur and designer with Hype. Liz has leveraged her design skills and Hype to build demo videos and pixel-perfect prototypes to share with colleagues. Her talk continues with her workflow with Sketch and Hype to build out finely-tuned animations.

Jonathan Deutsch demos Tumult Hype 4 Beta

Jonathan Deutsch, Tumult Inc. CEO and lead developer spoke about what’s coming up in Tumult Hype 4.0. In this video, Jonathan demos the following new features:

  • Vector Shapes
  • External Resource Editing
  • Physics API
  • Sprite Sheet / Image Sequence Import
  • Math Equation Timing Functions
  • Skew transform for elements
  • Drop Shadow with alpha transparency
  • Page to Scene Transitions


We also had the pleasure of attending the iBooks Author Conference, also produced by Score Publishing. It was our third year attending.

Jason LaMar presented his iBook on the role of Ohio in Presidential politics, and shared some of his clever tricks in iBook design. Ohio: Pathway to the Presidency covers campaigns of the eight presidents born in Ohio.


Denise Clifton of Tandemvines Media spoke about her work on An Air That Still Kills, investigating pollution and the dire impact of a vermiculite mine on a nearby town. The book incorporates primary sources, interviews, and court documents to tell a sad but important store. It’s a power piece of investigative journalism worth reading.

Luke Guidici presented his art book made titled Found in Kitsap.” The book is a collection of found photographs from 75 cameras purchased in thrift stores in the Pacific Northwest. Each image was thoughtfully paired with imagined stories and poems about the unknown subjects. It’s a beautiful book with full page photographs throughout.

Fritz Lauriston created an interactive high school physics textbook with the help of his students titled “Physics in Motion“. The textbook is co-written by his students and includes video demos and problem sets designed and recorded by students. By using the textbook, his school money on their textbook costs and Fritz is able to share profits with his students when other schools purchase the book. I think we’re going to see this model continue to gain traction in schools.


It was great to meet everyone at the conferences!