Reviews are more meaningful than you think.

I wanted to share an amazing review from last month (text below):

I cannot say enough positive things about this software as a development tool or the HYPE support team. They are the most responsive and knowledgeable support team I have ever encountered in my 20 years of development. This software is GREAT for programmers AND designers, which is very rare. It is so much more fun to develop in than Flash ever was. A designer can work on a file and develop a look and feel, and then a JavaScript programmer can do anything they can dream of with code. When Tumult and Adobe both came out with HTML 5 animation tools, it made some bet on the Adobe giant. But just like they never ever got Flash right, they have struggled with HTML 5. Tumult HYPE gets it right about 95% of the time, and the software has been evolving RAPIDLY over the last few years. I am extremely excited about its future. We have done work for MAJOR big name world-wide known clients with this tool, and they have all loved the results. I rarely if ever have any cross browser issues, and when I do, it is usually because of my own JavaScript code and not anything in the tool itself. The tool is also great and approachable for beginners. If you are thinking this tool might be a fit for you, I encourage you to download it now. It is a truly GREAT tool. A few of the reviews complain about the compressed source code. You can actually turn this off and have it export readable code for debugging. A few others complain about the pro version costing $50 more. The non-PRO version does an incredible amount, and I am glad they have a cheaper version for people using it as a hobbyist. $50 more for a PRO tool is absolutely a great deal. And this is a PRO tool with great support. I have used this software since version 1, and again, I could go on and on telling you positive things about it. What are the negatives? No global searching of your JavaScript that is embedded into the app, but I expect that soon. No easy way to track down behaviors once they are created. The sound playback control is due for an update to give us more complete control over playback. No good way to see exactly where symbols and sounds are used, if you are trying to clean up a file and delete some of them. But all of these are minor compared to the positives.

And one from last year:


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