Introducing the Hype Conference Speakers: Kathleen Kowal

Kathleen has been a friend of Tumult since the earliest days: she proudly holds the title of ‘First Beta Tester’ and her feedback has been instrumental in guiding early development of Tumult Hype.

kathleenkowalTell me a bit about yourself and what brought you to Hype

I’m a full time designer and illustrator that spends a lot of time in Hype. I was the first beta tester, getting a chance to work with the prototype and helping Jonathan with feedback while simultaneously honing a new skill/tool that I could use for my own work.

What’s most exciting about your job or projects you’re working on?

I love making infographics and illustrations, especially ones that require distilling complex info into simple and engaging graphics. I also enjoy the challenge of making animations that work and are charming. Both animation and infographic design require problem solving in the most creative way, and I am playing more and more with combining the two.

How about a hint about what you’ll be talking about at the Hype Conference?

I’m going to take the audience on a “choose your own adventure” for building a freelance business, and show how Hype fits into that story.

Anything else you might want to share?

How about my new favorite podcast is called “The Greatest Generation” and is just two guys talking about each episode as they rewatch all of TNG.

View Kathleen’s latest work at:

Meet Kathleen and more speakers & attendees at the Hype Conference on October 8th.