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Introducing Tumult Hype Edition

We’re pleased to introduce the latest member of the award-winning HTML5 animation builder family: Tumult Hype Edition!

Tumult Hype Edition

Tumult Hype Edition features a uniquely elegant expression of Tumult Hype. It has a window frame crafted from 18-karat gold that our metallurgists have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The scene editor is protected by polished sapphire crystal. And an exquisitely designed keyframe interface provides a striking complement.

Tumult Hype Edition is available as an In-App Purchase from within Hype 3 for $999.99 USD. A 30-minute appointment in the Tumult Store is required before buying. Once purchased, it will unlock the Gold Theme.

We’re very excited to have Hype Edition join Hype 3 and Hype Professional; we believe it is the best product lineup we’ve ever done.