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Android L UI Prototyping with Tumult Hype

    In this post, I’ll show how you can easily create user interface prototypes with Tumult Hype. As a fun exercise, I’ll bring the new Android L design prototype to life. Creating quick mockups with animations, transitions, and real content should be a pleasant experience, and it is with this basic workflow in Tumult Hype: Create elements and drag images […]

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Tutorial: Create Parallax effects and single-page scrollable experiences in Tumult Hype

Our good friends at Survey Legend have shared a great tutorial with us on creating a single-page website built for navigating by scrolling. This technique is a great way to build what appears to be a long scrollable page, but is actually a single scene through which the user moves. Check out the tutorial below, or download the […]

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Featured Animations: Cartier Art Magazine by Hervé Pfeiffer

Recently, we heard from Hervé Pfeiffer about his work on the Cartier Art iPad app, one of the first digital adaptations of the print magazine:

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