Introducing a big leap forward: Tumult Hype for HTML6

HTML6 Hype Icon

We’re pleased to announce the next generation version of Tumult Hype! With the mission to always be on the bleeding edge of web technology, we’re transforming the best tool for creating HTML5 animations into the only tool in the world for producing HTML6 content.

HTML6 is an exciting new platform for creating more interactive web pages. While the spec is not complete and browser support is currently limited, we are incorporating several proposed technologies that are confirmed to make their way into the final draft.

<flappy-bird> and <2048> tags:

HTML6 provides several mechanisms to produce clones of popular games. With Tumult Hype’s built-in support for the <flappy-bird> and <2048> tags, you will be able to integrate these into existing documents and make money without writing any code. We’ve also partnered with Threes to provide this game as an in-app purchase.

Flappy Bird and 2048

<smell> tag:

“Smellovision” has long been the holy grail of immersive experiences. Computer scientists recently discovered by manipulating the loop lengths and instructions sent to the CPU, certain smells could be created from most modern hardware. Tumult Hype provides controls for these scents. Like other features, if a browser cannot support the smell then we will display a compatibility warning.

Smell Controls

<acquisition> tag:

The semantic web is receiving a boost with HTML6’s new <acquisition> tag. While the tag is targeted at machine scraping and has no display purposes, we believe it will be a boon to the financial success of the web. Tumult Hype provides an easy-to-use interface in the document inspector allowing you to choose values for the acquiring company (Facebook, Yahoo, or Google) and set a monetary value. These companies periodically crawl the web and have automation in place to craft deals for a multiplier of the value property.

Facebook acquisition for 2 Billion

Tumult Hype for HTML6 will be available for purchase at 11:59pm on April 1, 2014. Existing customers can update for free.