Hangout with Hype: Face to Face tutorials on Google+

Our first (live) tutorial session is complete. You can check the different  points in the video by opening the description of the video in Youtube here and clicking different times. Or, jump directly to a demonstration of relative keyframes, a slideshow example that uses relative keyframes and a demonstration of uploading a Tumult Hype document to the web.


On Friday, June 28th at 3pm we hosted a live tutorial session to cover several basic concepts in animations, timelines, and elements. We also demonstrated publishing a Tumult Hype document on the web. Many of the examples can be downloaded from our tutorials page or from our forums.

If you’d prefer to learn about Tumult Hype on your own, read our  documentation, check out our tutorials, or download some of our gallery content to see how Hype animations work. If you have questions, search in our forums. Of course, get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.