Tutorial Walkthroughs: Explore new techniques within Tumult Hype

Today I’m pleased to release a set of tutorials built in Tumult Hype. They are hands on documents with tricks and techniques for animations, elements, timelines, and easing. Download these tutorials here.

Please note that you’ll need a copy of Tumult Hype to open these documents (we have a 14 day trial available).

First-person Learning

My goal as Tumult Hype’s support dude is to make sure everyone feels comfortable within the application. Nothing makes me happier than to see one of our users turn from beginner, to novice, to pro during interactions via email and on the forums. These tutorials released today join a growing body of articles and guides, and complement Tumult Hype’s documentation.

The tutorials consist of a series of demonstrations. For example, instead of an explanation of timeline actions, you can play with a working example.

Each scene takes a focused approach to topics such as elements, timeline-based animations, and easing effects. Even if you’ve been using Tumult Hype since the beginning, you’ll learn something new! The documents are split into these topics:

  • Intro to Animation
  • Intro to Elements
  • Intro to Easing
  • Intro to Timelines

Before you get started, I recommend reading the documentation. It’s an excellent way to quickly learn the basic workings of the program. My hope is that the tutorials turn your technical knowledge of the application into practical knowledge you can make use of in your projects. To navigate these tutorials, click ‘Show Scenes’ at the top of Tumult Hype, and click through the document. You can play and pause each scene’s main timeline by clicking the play button at the bottom left-hand area of the program’s window.

So, go grab the tutorials! And please email us (or get in touch @hypeapp , too) if you have any suggestions for future topics!

Whether you’ve been using Tumult Hype since 1.0, or you’re just getting started, I promise you’ll learn something. If you’re hoping to learn more, here are a more places to explore: