Archive | February, 2013

Myth busting the HTML5 performance of transform:translate vs. top/left

I recently came across Christian Heilmann’s Five things you can do to make HTML5 perform better article, where point number three is to use CSS Transforms instead of position and top/left when moving elements across a page. It is a practice increasingly championed, such as in the noted Paul Irish video, Why Moving Elements With […]

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CSS Filter Effects in Practice

Setting a filter effect like ‘blur’ or ‘saturation’ on an image using CSS can create an interesting tech demo, but what’s the point? Why go to the trouble to manipulate an image in the browser when it can be easily edited in an image editor? When we added CSS filter effects to Tumult Hype, we […]

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Tumult Hype 1.6.1 Update Released

We’ve just released Tumult Hype version 1.6.1! Thanks to all our users for bug reports and sharing awesome animations with us. Go grab this update. The 1.6.1 update includes some important bug fixes and is recommended for everyone to upgrade. The most important note about this release is that we’ve changed the “.resources” export folder […]

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