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Jack’s Secret Monster: A ‘choose your own adventure’ for the iPad

Could you build an entire interactive storybook with Tumult Hype? Certainly. “Jack’s Secret Monster” just hit the app store, and its designer at Game Digits has told us he relied on Tumult Hype to develop the interaction. Here are a few of the book’s features: Multiple story paths Interactive characters and scenes Narration Bookmarking progress through […]

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Wonders of World Heritage

Wonders of World Heritage: UNESCO sites to explore in Germany

The ‘Wonder of World Heritage’ site explores the many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany with an interactive map, videos, and tips for travelling through the country. Built in Tumult Hype. ☛ View this project

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Interactive Crime Memorabilia: Original Documents from Capote’s “In Cold Blood” presented in Tumult Hype

Truman Capote published the non-fiction crime novel ‘In Cold Blood‘ in 1966, following six years of interviews and thousands of pages of notes. Capote’s access to local detectives made the story one of the greatest crime novels ever written. The signed first edition books and personal letters sent by Capote to the lead detective, Harold […]

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