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Interactive Museum Displays: The Sound of Sax in The Museum of Making Music

It’s exciting to see Tumult Hype projects in unexpected places. Today we’re happy to share an interactive iPad kiosk in the Museum of Making Music’s ‘Sound of Sax‘ exhibit. If you’re near Carlsbad, CA, check it out!

B.J. Morgan, who created the setup, writes:

We used Kiosk Pro Plus which features the ability to automatically display local documents if there is no network connectivity… There are two versions of the project: One with Google Analytics employed into each scene and hosted on our web server, and another without (just in case the wi-fi signal is dropped) hosted locally on the iPad.

We tried using iBooks Author to create a similar document, but found that it was too open-ended, allowing the user to eventually make their way into areas we didn’t want them to go. HTML5 (easily created with Hype) + Kiosk Pro Plus was the perfect solution for creating an interactive user experience (and we barely scratched the surface of functionality of HTML5).

Future uses will include visitor feedback surveys, direct mail subscription registration, and future special exhibition interactive experiences (we rotate special exhibitions every 6 to 8 months).

View the animation (best on an iPad) here, or see how the project was built by downloading the original files.

If you’ve got a Tumult Hype project you’d like to share, please get in touch on Twitter or FB, or share it on our forums.

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C-Melody Saxophone Scene on an iPad