Artists and Tumult Hype: J Harley Gilmore’s Interactive Musical Minisite

It’s exciting to see photographers, architects, fine artists, and musicians (see below) create beautiful and interactive sites for themselves in Tumult Hype. Seeing so many creative people make use of Tumult Hype as an expressive tool makes us extremely happy.

Today we’d like to spotlight a site Jimmy Gilmore created to showcase his drumming career. Jimmy writes that he first created his interface in Photoshop, and then tweaked his animations within Hype:

I’ve streamlined this project as much as possible by developing the overall look and concept with extensive work in Photoshop first, so that even without Hype’s brilliant animation and media ability my site would still look pretty interesting (at least, visually) on its own.

His site sports a beautiful retro theatre façade at (And you can peek into how he built it by downloading his .hype file!)

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