Create quality infographics by exploring original Tumult Hype project files

Every day we discover new projects, sites, and animations created with Tumult Hype on Twitter, in our Forums, and from your emails. Bart de Neve, a graphic journalist for the Belgian newspaper de Standaard, was kind enough to share with us a few of his recent infographics created in Hype:

How far can you drive with a budget of 10 euros (from 1970 till now)”
New fashion trends for summer” (with links to
Financial support for energy efficient living in Flanders
Republican primaries in the United States

Sometimes digging into project files is the best way to learn new tricks so we’re pleased to make Bart’s project files available for download. To explore the infographics, click the images below, or visit the links immediately following.


Here’s a few more links to Bart’s work for Standaard (he’s a busy guy):

We’re also pleased to share  a few high quality infographics from Modesto Juan Carrasco Castro of El Mundo, a major newspaper in Spain:


To explore more quality Tumult Hype documents, visit our gallery.