Compelling Tumult Hype Creations: LA Times builds a stage, NASA’s Global Exploration Roadmap, and more…

One of the best perks of working at Tumult is getting to see all the amazing things people create. An unending stream of creative and beautiful sites built by animators, web developers, print designers, and newcomers to the web world flow through our lively forums. Here are four recent Tumult Hype creations that jumped out at us:

LA Times: Cirque du L.A. | ‘Iris’ at the Kodak Theatre

Designed by Raoul Rañoa for the LA Times, this Hype animation makes use of multiple moving stage elements to illustrate a complex setup built for Cirque du L.A. at the Kodak Theatre. Check it out →

NASA’s Global Exploration Roadmap

NASA’s ‘Global Exploration Roadmap‘ outlines the trajectory of solar system exploration in cooperation with the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG). To explain decades of missions and goals, they turned to Hype:

…Our goal has been to distill the essence of the Global Exploration Roadmap into a graphic document that contributes to a conversation that can be had between a 5 and 95 year old. How did we think we could do this? Quite simply we tried answering “where are we going” with a map.

Influenced by 1950′s Disneyland designs, video game visuals, and Peter Pan Neverland maps, we hoped to describe the complexity of international space projects with simple highlights. We began development of the Global Exploration Roadmap infographic by describing it as a treasure map of sorts.

I highly recommend you read how Dennis Bonilla reached the final design.

iBooks Revisited

Timo Lessmoellmann built this gorgeous iBooks redesign concept for a research project at the University of Wolverhampton in UK. This is a great example of a well-designed app demo made with Tumult Hype. Watch it here →

Australian Agency: cplx creative  

Sam Thompson of CPLX creative, an Australia-based advertising agency, sent us his company’s site. They’ve put together a slick, minimalist and subtle design with Tumult Hype to promote their branding and design strategies without writing any code. View the site here →

Have you made something you’d like to share with Tumult Hype? Comment below, or better yet, post your creation in our forums.